Friday, 28 October 2011

Tips to Organize Your Wardrobe

My recent post on Plato's Closet seen here reminded me of how important it is to be organized in order to get the maximum use out of your wardrobe. We didn't just slave away at work to purchase things we adore and feel great in to forget about them due to loss of sight or being misplaced. A closet is a girls best friend and should never be neglected. The more visible your clothing is, the more capable you are of putting together outfits and even just remembering something you have gone long with out wearing. I take my closet as a serious subject. A collection that is forever ongoing, interchanging, and inspiring. In comparison to a man collecting toys a female is always after the newest and latest great piece. I thought I would share a few tips I currently used to set up my new closet in Vancouver.

1. A bundle of super thin hangers to create more space for hanging. Avoid the big bulky wood type.

2. Hangers with spongy material on them so that silk or loose tops do not easily slide off the hanger and hit the floor. (A huge pet peeve is to come across a nice top bunched in the corner on the floor and for who knows how long!)

3. Rearrange and add shelving (most places cheap out and only give you one shelf) Most often there is room for two shelves if the original is moved up a couple feet and new one built in below.

4. Necessity for the boys is a a tie hook or hanger. One hook that allows all the ties to be bundled and hung neatly together.

5. A belt hook. I recently just purchased a hook with 4 hooks attached to it. Perfect for hanging belts off of or even scarves.

6. Shoe racks so shoes are easily visible and displayed.

7. A jewellery box or open space where jewellery can be organized and easily accessible.

8. Use wicker baskets to hide junk or things you may not use daily. These look good from the outside and no ones knows what you are hiding on the inside.

* Biggest tip is to make sure everything is as visible as possible to get the maximum use out of everything you own including shoes, jewellery and make up.

Happy closet organizing!

Picture snagged from Pinterest (Although I wish I could say it was my own)
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  1. All good points! Just went through this...found the perfect, thin and velvety (no-slip) hangers at Bed Bath and Beyond. Plus I love those Ikea bendy baskets that fold over, make for super flexible storage options.

  2. Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!

  3. Love these ideas. And I use velvet hangers they are the best, they're thin so don't take up much room- plus they don't ruin your clothes!
    Really liked this post!