Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Maple Salmon Marinade

Dating a man who loves to fish I can not complain about the freezer being stocked with fresh salmon since July. I do have to admit that eating it throughout the Summer every week did have its toll on its taste. A long break in September was well needed, as I did not want my love for fresh fish to vanish. Craving a long time fav for last nights dinner I prepared a Maple Salmon Marinade to prep the salmon in before it was baked and served. I always appreciate an easy recipe when the ingredients called for are all at reach. I used this recipe and was delighted with the outcome of it's sweet taste. Remember to save some of the glaze to add on top when served.

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  1. OOH! This looks so delicious! Going to have to try it out this week. Thanks for sharing. Btw: found u thru cupcakes & cashmere. I decided to follow! Would you pass by my blog & check it out? Love it if you follow, also if u want my new fb page is up now! :) Can't wait to chk out the rest of ur posts!


  2. that looks delicious! i'm usually at a loss when it comes to preparing fish but i might have to try this. :)


  3. It looks really good! I always make my salmon with fresh herbs or mustard seeds and this is something interesting

  4. Yum! good one B...will have to try it with all of Stu's fish

  5. Wow, I am excited about this too. We now have some salmon in our freezer and I am trying to learn to cook some new things, so here is where I can start! So good.