Friday, 7 October 2011

Pretty Pumpkin Decor

Always inspired by different decorating techniques I could not help myself but to go a lil pumpkin crazy on Pinterest. If you know about Pinterest already then you know how addicting it can become. In transition between moves I am slightly bothered by the fact that I am unable to pull out my Halloween decor and start decorating my lil condo. It saddens me to know they are buried deep in some box in the garage and may not make an appearance this year. So to drown my sorrows, I have found numerous pins of pretty pumpkins and hope to inspire some of you to have fun decorating your own this Halloween Season. I love all of these ideas especially the glitter pumpkins. For those of you making your way to the pumpkin patch soon, happy pumpkin picking! 

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  1. Really loving the pumpkins...

  2. These are gorgeous! I particularily love the white gourde looking one with the fall leaves stuck onto it. Ohh and the pumpkins with the holes punched out with little beams of light showing through. I'm 100% trying these, love it. Britt if you need some pumpkin time let me know and we can get creative together! I haven't started my Fall Decor either, October came out of nowhere this year! I noticed Home Sense and Pier 1 have an amamzing selection of 'pretty' pumpkins right now, definitely worth checking out. Thanks for the inspiration girl! Happy Fall!!


  3. Thanks Amber! I would love to have a pumpkin carve athon, so many different techinques I would love to try. Lets get together soon, xo B

  4. Very cool!! Wish I had a front door to decorate some nice pumpkins with!!

  5. Very cute! I love how America is so into Halloween, we hardly celebrate it here in Australia!


  6. wowww the white one and the lace one are definitely my favorites!!

  7. Chic pumpkins, never seen such. I love this! Especially the white one with sparkle!

    xo Ashleigh

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