Friday, 21 October 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Brrrrrrrr if it was not for that warm sun shining all week I would have freezed my tush off. The cold air is making its way here and let me tell you it is only going to get worse from here on out. Sigh. I heard the breaking news last week that we are expected to have the coldest Winter yet! Yikes, time to start bundling and layering. I have made this list (and I love any excuse to make a good list) as a reminder of what to buy in hopes of keeping warm and dry over the next few months. And yes, another excuse to shop;) Forbid we be cold or wet as the rainy season sets in!
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  1. Maybe a pair of cute Sorel's too :)?

  2. Flannel shirt!! Wow blast from the past... :) Maybe you can show cute examples because the flannel shirts I used to wear were not so figure friendly! LOL