Thursday, 20 October 2011

Save vs Splurge: Knit Colour Block Sweater

With my new discovery of the line Maison Scotch it was an instant crush on the cropped mohair sweater. I have always been a big fan of strips and the neutral colours are very fallesque. Constantly on the lookout for warm pieces to wear to work I came across Forever 21's knitted colour block sweater. For a fraction of the price there is no guilt if the piece looses its lust quicker then expected. Not to mention I can not tell the difference between the two, can you?
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  1. Love!! And I am now really into that Mason Scotch, have been on their website since your last post. You're killing my bank account ;).

  2. Court, Dont be selfish and buy your Man a Shirt to...

  3. I can tell the difference...ha ha ya right! super pretty!

  4. He's lucky to get a pair of socks at the big Value Village Spring Sale...Somethings gotta give around here and my wardrobe trumps ;).
    PS. Britt did you screen this Matthew character?