Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Chopped Salmon Salad


What to do with salmon leftovers? Baffled after being left with a 2 pound slab of cooked salmon after last weeks dinner I asked myself this question. It had already feed 4 people for dinner and I was not stoked on the idea of having the same meal for lunch again. This recipe solved my problem and served as not only a nutritious lunch but tasty and not to mention something different then the usual sandwich, salad, or wrap. A great way to use last nights dins for a healthy lunch. Serve with your favourite crackers and veggies and you are good to go. I do have to mention that this was my first time using capers in a recipe and even though it said optional I was quite surprised by there significant taste, very complimentary to the salmon.



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  1. Yummmmmmy! That looks so good, and healthy!

  2. It looks really healthy and I love the combination of cappers and salmon, I eat it all the time