Monday, 24 October 2011

This n That: Currently Makin Me Smile

{My Grandmas Burmese Jade ring passed down from my Mother}

This past week has been filled with much anticipation and excitement. The move finally happened on Saturday so I am up to my neck in boxes trying to organize my life. Up until the day of the big move I was using any excuse in the book to take my mind of being overly excited for the big change of events. These were a few of the things that got me through last weeks anticipation. I am now a little bit more relaxed and looking forward to getting settled in our new home. With Halloween around the corner, a few fun and silly nights out with good friends is well needed. Happy Monday, wishing you all a great start to the festive week ahead!

{Martha Stewart sparkles I plan on using on my nails for my Halloween Costume}

{Latest purchase: Cliniques dark spot corrector and free gift with purchase. I love a good freebie!}

{My favourite flower: an orchid}

{Trying different wine and loved this Shiraz}
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  1. I also love that ring! And those sparkles :)

  2. I glittered a bunch of pinecones with those Martha sparkles last year... then I put the peridot color on my nails and they are still stained yellow three months later! My nail girl was about to kill me! Just an fyi!!!

    That jade ring is stunning - what a lovely reminder of your grandmother...

  3. I so need that dark spot corrector! Been putting it off for way too long! haha