Monday, 28 November 2011

This n That: Currently Makin Me Smile

{New sign for my walk through closet purchased at POSHSHOP}

The past week was busy prepping for the holidays. Trying to fill a space in the new condo we I decided to put the tree up early this year. Pulling out the containers from the storage locker I was overly excited to find new decorations that were purchased on sale after Christmas of last year. I managed to cross a few more gifts off the list and purchase some holiday wrapping paper. This weeks mission will be to find some festive fabric to reuse over the years to come and getting some presents under our tree. Now that American Thanksgiving is over it is fair to say the Christmas season is in full swing and I like a fat kid on a smartie I could not be more excited.

 {Time to bring out the leather gloves}

{Candies served in a martini glass for a dinner party}

{The start of my collection for holiday wrapping paper}

{White orchids, my fav decoration in our Christmas tree}
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  1. Love it all! Your tree looks absolutely stunning this year as always, the Orchids add the perfect modern twist. XOXO

  2. Cool! Love the sign of course and leather gloves are very key this time of the year!

  3. I need to see your xmas tree! And I really love that sign :), and that you bought it from the store!