Monday, 9 January 2012

This n That: Currently Makin Me Smile

{A walk home from work on a rainy night} 

One of my New Years resolutions this year is to walk/run home from work. It is not far from South Granville to downtown but the thing that gets me is the weather. So to get the worst out of the way, I walked home in the windy pouring rain last week. Besides my umbrella breaking and flipping inside out I made it home in 30 mins. The only thing that kept me smiling was the view over the Granville Street Bridge. Even on a dark cold rainy night, Van City sure is beautiful. Happy Monday everyone, I hope your week is filled with something new and exciting even if its as little as a walk in the rain. 

{A gift from my bf: a woven scarf I thought I didn't like but have worn everyday}

{Snow covered trees in the mountains}

{My collection of OPI nail polish that is slowly ever growing}

{New foliage for the dining table purchased half price at Urban Barn}
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  1. Ahh you did the walk home! Good for you B! It's true, there's something about the walk over the bridge that makes you rejuvinated and alive! Keep up the posts and new recipes! XOXO Love ya!

  2. Great selection!
    I'd appreciate if you stopped by Tulips&Tulle soon!