Monday, 30 January 2012

Smoked Salmon BLT

Stumped with what to do with a freezer full of smoked salmon....hmm... don't get me wrong I enjoy a bagel with cream cheese and lox every once in awhile but I'm finding it hard to use up especially because I have over 6 frozen packages of it. My bf took in half his catch to have smoked and candied at the end of last Summer and we just picked it up before the holidays. So I made it a mission last week to open a package and use it up through out the week with several recipes so that it did not go to waste. If you love a BLT as much as me this recipe is great to help switch it up a lil. The mix of bacon and smoked salmon was different but the blend of lemon, dill mayo made it flavourful.

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  1. yum! good one B!! Definitely going to try that...Stu would love it!