Monday, 30 January 2012

Liquor Cabinet

Since moving to Yaletown we have continually added to our liquor cabinet. Over the past couple of years I have been collecting bottles of booze. Anything that strikes my eye I usually purchase and lug it back whether it be wine from the Okanagan, or tequila from Mexico. We both have a love for entertaining and since moving downtown we have added to our bar. Never completed we are pleased with a few of our latest additions.  


Lenox Crystal Wine Decanter: Macy's $39.99
Ice Bucket & Tongs: Urban Barn
Crystal Glasses: Ralph Lauren $37.50
Cigar Humidor: Vintage
Scotch Crystal Decanter: Ralph Lauren $90
Vinturi Red Wine Aerator: Costco $26.99
Karen Branch Table Lamp: Urban Barn $69
Liquor Cabinet: Ikea 
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Smoked Salmon BLT

Stumped with what to do with a freezer full of smoked salmon....hmm... don't get me wrong I enjoy a bagel with cream cheese and lox every once in awhile but I'm finding it hard to use up especially because I have over 6 frozen packages of it. My bf took in half his catch to have smoked and candied at the end of last Summer and we just picked it up before the holidays. So I made it a mission last week to open a package and use it up through out the week with several recipes so that it did not go to waste. If you love a BLT as much as me this recipe is great to help switch it up a lil. The mix of bacon and smoked salmon was different but the blend of lemon, dill mayo made it flavourful.

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Monday, 23 January 2012

Accessories for Less

I'm back from Mexico where I spent a week in a fun surfer/hippie town called Sayulita. The street side boutiques were filled with a Bohemian blend of tops and dresses, leather handbags and of course the usual Mexican souvenirs. Inspired by the hippie chic look I share with you a post with a few accessories where the only difference between the two is the price tag! Accessories are one thing I hate spending money on. So in my searching I have found similar items but without the overwhelming price. I've always loved big earrings and adore the fun, fringe, leather look. Whether it be a pair of earrings, a belt, a bag or ankle bootie, I want more fringe. With January being a time to cut back after the holidays here's truth you can find the designer look for less.

1. Soo Ihn Kim Dyer 2 Earrings $60
2. Urban Outfitters Long Leather Tassel Earring $18

3. Jennifer Zeuner Thin Chocker Necklace $245
4. H&M Necklace $14.95 

5. Marce by Marc Jacobs PaveHeart Ring $128
6. Forever 21 Rhinestone Cluster Ring $6.80

7. Jules Smith Marakesh Cupid Necklace $50
8. Urban Outfitters Delicate Arrow Necklace $19

9. B-Low The Belt Skinny Tassel Belt $105
10. Forever 21 Leatherette Tassel Belt $7.80
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Monday, 9 January 2012

Resort Wear

Image One Source (Fedora Hat):  Image Two Source (Swimsuit Model):

On Saturday I am on route to Mexico. Nothing makes my heart happier then a beer in hand while soaking up some rays in the hot sun. With a hot holiday on mind I was inspired to create this post on key pieces to take with on Vacation. I am the worst for wearing a hat in the sun and have learned the hard way, they are a must have item if you are like me and plan on spending all day having fun in the sun. Bikini cover ups, silk shirts and dresses that are light and comfortable are a must for hot temperatures. Be easy equipped for nights out on the town with a small wallet to fit the necessities: c/c, id, money, and lip gloss. Most looking forward to bringing out the white MK watch, white skinnies, and after a couple days tanned hands.

1. Sonia Rykiel Fedora Hat $115
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Side Stripe Sunglasses $110
3. T.Bataton Tinsley Blouse "Bright Iris" $98 Check Store
4. Sam Edelman Gigi Cork T Strap Sandal $65
5. OPI Nail Polish "Are We There Yet?" $8.50
6. Vix Odette Bandeau Long Dress $165
7. Urban Outfitters Metal Spike Fan Necklace $38
8. Current/Elliot Girlfriend Short $168
9. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Key Pouch $98
10. Victoria Secret Abbie Swimsuit $22 each
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This n That: Currently Makin Me Smile

{A walk home from work on a rainy night} 

One of my New Years resolutions this year is to walk/run home from work. It is not far from South Granville to downtown but the thing that gets me is the weather. So to get the worst out of the way, I walked home in the windy pouring rain last week. Besides my umbrella breaking and flipping inside out I made it home in 30 mins. The only thing that kept me smiling was the view over the Granville Street Bridge. Even on a dark cold rainy night, Van City sure is beautiful. Happy Monday everyone, I hope your week is filled with something new and exciting even if its as little as a walk in the rain. 

{A gift from my bf: a woven scarf I thought I didn't like but have worn everyday}

{Snow covered trees in the mountains}

{My collection of OPI nail polish that is slowly ever growing}

{New foliage for the dining table purchased half price at Urban Barn}
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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Trend: Cable Knit Sweaters

Looking for something warm and fashionable to wear this Winter? Yes, it is sad to say Winter has just begun and we still have a dreadful couple months ahead. Dreadful as in, there is nothing worse then being uncomfortably cold at this time of year! Don't get me wrong, I love Winter and its outdoor leisure but I will not permit the cold to ruin my fun. I've seen lots of cable knit sweaters in stores and now is the time to snag a deal and purchase one on sale. A great way to stay warm and look cute while doing whatever is that you do in the months of January and February.

1. TNA Galaway Sweater $120 Check Store
2. H&M Sweater $34.95
3. Madewell Cable Crewneck Sweater $98 $68.60
4. Club Monaco Dylan Sweater $129.50
5. Wilfred Oxbridge Sweater $125 Check Store
6. Rebecca Taylor Cable Knit Sweater $350
7. T. Bataton Huge Crewneck Sweater $135 Check Store
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