Monday, 26 December 2011

Hittin the Slopes

Source Ski Lift Image:

I can not be more excited about a trip to Silver Star this week. Besides a full week off work I also get to indulge in everything this beautiful mountain has to offer for 4 full days. I think we can all admit the best part about hitting the slopes is the apres! Nothing beats a cold beer after a day of riding. As I sit amongst the window overlooking the snow covered cabins watching snowflakes fall from the sky, I could not be more relaxed. Everything seems to get a lil quieter when the snow falls. Over the next few days I plan to over indulge in baileys and coffee, fresh cold beers, hot tubbing, painting nails, ice skating, trekking around the village in my new sorels, and of course strapping into my boots and breathing in some fresh B.C mountain air. I hope you all find the time to relax and indulge in something that you love before the new year commences,  after all 2012 is quickly upon us.
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  1. I'm going there in a few weeks... ENJOY!! Great post :)

  2. Just got that Essie polish - can't wait to wear it!