Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Fabric Gift Wrap

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All the creative photos above are snagged from Pinterest and yes looking at the creativity used to wrap each individual present I am devastated that I did not follow through with my every intention of buying fun holiday fabric this year. Not only is fabric earth friendly but I love the idea that it can be reused for the following years to come. Now that I think of it, I'm sure I will be able to snag a deal on some fun festive seasonal fabric after the Christmas season has wound down. After all that is the best time to stock up on anything needed for the following year. Even though it maybe your last priority on your to do list you will thank yourself when time to bring out the Christmas decor next year! What fun ideas do you use when it comes to gift wrap? Loving all these ideas... burlap, brown bagging it, newspaper wrap, festive fabric, and individual stamped name tags...agh so cute!
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  1. Wrapping can be fun! I love the idea of the parcel paper with twine and the cloth bags (so easy).
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  2. So great! I did the brown paper and made wool pompoms as toppers last year- it worked really well!

  3. Great idea Court..wool pompoms, love it!