Thursday, 15 September 2011

Trend: Collars & Chokers

I keep seeing this trend allover stores, on celebrities and in magazines. I remember wearing chokers when I was around 10 years old, however the ones seen here are a little more stylish then what I was wearing;) You can go from plain and simple to ones with texture, bling, or even spikes. These are a fun and cool accessory to add to your outfit.

1. Forever 21 Textured Collar Necklace $8.80
2. H&M Metal Cuff Necklace $8
3. Giles & Brother Trove Ring Necklace $275
4. Aldo Lazenson Necklace $15
5. Topshop Python Necklace $40
6. Topshop Premium Spike Rows Collar $85
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  1. I know...and of course its the most $$$

  2. Love everything about this blog......keep it coming!!

  3. I would agree with Court...# 3 is my fav...I would be curious how much it weighs! LOL