Friday, 16 September 2011

Easy Egg Breakfast Sandwich

I am all about easy fixings when not in the mood to cook or clean, so here I share with you and I speak from both my bf and myself ... our ultimate go to breakfast meal "The Burt n Murt Special" an Egg Sandwich with all the fixings. Ideal for a lazy Sat or Sun morning or feeding your Man after a late night hockey, baseball, soccer or whatever game it may be. You can jazz up your breakfast sandwich anyway you want. We like to melt the cheese on the egg while cooking, add tomatoes, avocado, and sprouts. Tastes delicious on a toasted sour dough crumpet with a touch of mayo and ketchup for added flavour. When in the house I use spinach, and bacon (or sometimes some sort of deli meat heated up on a frying pan usually leftover from the work week). For the boys double up on the eggs. Organize it all into a wrap, bagel, or crumpet and call it a meal. It's easy, quick and simply delicious.

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  1. YUMMM. I love eggs in wraps/sandwiches for breaky.

  2. This looks like something from a magazine! Looks amazing! It's making hungry.

  3. Love that you put sprouts on it! Great addition!