Monday, 22 August 2011

Trend: Hornby Hippie Style

After spending 2 weeks on Hornby Island this Summer, I got a good feel for the Hornby Hippie Style. Girls at the beach on "Big Trib" were rocking hippie inspired pieces from high waisted swimwear and skirts to round lensed sunnies. Back at the cabin when the day had cooled off it was a good time to slip into a plaid oversized boyfriend shirt or a cozy knit sweater. Whether lounging around the cabin first thing in the morning or later in the evening handmade knit mukluk slippers set a good vibe of pure comfort and relaxation. Bangles, beads, knuckle rings and Indian inspired jewellery were popular, bright and fun especially against a good tan. Overall the look was playful yet comfortable.

3. Forever 21 Embossed Knuckle Ring $6.80
6. Free People Medallion Leather Shoulder Bag $126.80
7. T. Bataton Harrison Skirt 
9. American Apparel Stripe Mid Length Pocket Tank $33
11. American Apparel Billy Sunglasses $41
12. Urban Outfitters Suede Fringe Wrap Watch $35
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  1. Nailed it to a T! Im pretty sure I saw all those items at Big Trib on saturday!!

  2. Super awesomeness! Love the hippie hornby style!