Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Man's World

While shopping for V Day for my Man I realized there were few stores that specialized in great Man products, until I found a fine gift and cigars boutique in Yaletown. Revolucion Boutique is my newest greatest find for those hard to come by products for the man who has everything..aka Matt Bryson ;) Listed above are a few great items that caught my eye which are a blend of classy and manly. With the huge scotch and whiskey craze that is happening I love the whiskey stones. I love the cool factor of the old fashioned shaver set and the ash tray is our newest addition to our liquor cabinet seen here. After searching for a good month for a unique ash tray that not only catered to cigarette smokers but cigar as well, he loved it, needless to say, I think I nailed it.

1. Quality Importers Crystal Cigar Ash Tray $49
2. Whiskey Stones Set of Nine $19.95
3. Edward Jagger Shaving Sets $94
4. Edward Jagger Shaving Cream $23
5. M. Clip Monet Clip $239.95
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  1. This whiskey stones are a GREAT idea! My husband loves Gentleman Jack, this would be a great Father's Day gift (since VDay and BDay have passed).

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Great gift ideas!

    Eternally yours,