Sunday, 19 June 2011

Holy Crap Cereal

Puttering around I happened to catch an episode of Dragon's Den on TV. I tuned in when I realized one of the Dragons wanted to buy into the Company, which is usually pretty rare. Later they called it the biggest success story in the history of Dragons Den.  Holy Crap is a wheat free, gluten fee, lactose free cereal made on the Sunshine Coast in B.C. The funny thing is it wasn't called Holy Crap until customers who purchased the cereal starting giving there feedback to the Company saying "Holy Crap ... this is amazing". The cereal has many health benefits and nutrients but the one thing that caught my attention is that the cereal actually serves a purpose in providing your body with fuel. 2 tbsp's of this product keeps your body satisfied without the bloating feeling you get from eating other breakfast foods.

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  1. hey brit - jalene told me about your blog because i have one too...i hope that ok :) i am in love with blogging fyi. I also am in love with dragons den and saw the episode with this cereal! soo cool for them that they did so well.